Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology - CBP Conference

CBP Program Committee

Below is the list of CBP Program Committee members for the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Conference:

Program Chair

 Prof. Samuel M. Y. Ho Associate Provost
Professor of Psychology
Department of Applied Social Sciences
City University of Hong Kong


Prof. Craig Speelman Associate Dean Research
Professor of Psychology
Director of the Cognition Research Group
School of Arts and Humanities
Edith Cowan University


 Asst. Prof.  Dinesh Chhabra Department of Psychology
University of Delhi

Program Committee

 Assoc. Prof. Maria Kozhenikov Department of Psychology
National University of Singapore
 Prof. Veena Kumari Professor of Psychology
Director, Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN)
Division of Psychology
College of Health and Life Sciences
Brunel University Londo
 Assoc. Prof. Li Li Associate Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
The University of Hong Kong 


 Asst. Prof. Gladys J. Frankel Assistant Professor and Psychologist,
Hanover Psychiatry, Department of
Psychiatry, Geisel
School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Hanover
 Asst Prof Andy Ho Hau Yan Assistant Professor of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Joint Assistant Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Deputy Director, Palliative Care Centre for Excellence in Research and Education (PalC)
Deputy Director, Centre for Population Health Sciences (CePHaS)
Nanyang Technological University
 Asst. Prof. Hwajin Yang Assistant Professor of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Singapore Management University
 Prof. Liah Greenfeld Professor of Sociology, Political Science
and Anthropology
Boston University
 Assoc. Prof.  Harvey Burnett Asst. Professor, Psychology
Chair of Department of Behavioral
Andrews University
 Dr. Florian Klapproth Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Languages, Culture, Media and Identities (LCMI)
University of Luxembourg
 Assoc Prof Olga Strizhitskaya Associate professor
Developmental and differential psychology department
Head of the Scientific Committee in Psychology
Saint Petersburg State University
 Prof. Keith S. Dobson Department of Psychology
University of Calgary
 Asst. Prof. Saba Firdos Khan Clinical Psychologist
College of Medicine
King Faisal University
Saudi Arabia
 Dr. Lidia Suarez Senior Lecturer
James Cook University
 Dr. Anne Neumann University at Buffalo
 Prof. Hal Miller Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Brigham Young University
 Prof. Barbara Nodine Professor of Psychology
Arcadia University
 Prof. Judy Edworthy Professor of Applied Psychology
School of Psychology
University of Plymouth
 Prof. Raymond DiGiuseppe Professor of Psychology
St.John's College of Liberal Arts and
St. John's University
 Assoc. Prof.  John McDowall Associate Professor School of Psychology
Victoria University of Wellington,
New Zealand
Assoc Prof. Intan Hashimah Mohd Hashim Associate Professor in Social Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Prof. Ibrahim Alkaabi Social Work at the Department of Social Sciences, Social Work Program
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of arts and Sciences, Qatar University
Asst. Prof. Kaltham Al-Kuwari Qatar University
Dr. Prathiba Nagabhushan Sessional Lecturer,
English Methods,
Faculty of Education
Australian Catholic University (ACU), Canberra
 Assoc. Prof. Katarina Fritzon Forensic and Clinical Psychologist
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Society & Design
Co-Director – Centre for Forensic Interpersonal Risk Management
Bond University
  Asst. Ahmed Bendania Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department of General Studies
Dhahran Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
 Assoc. Prof Jaime Diaz-Granados Department Chair of Psychology and
Baylor University
 Dr. Aqeel Khan Department of Education Foundation
Faculty of Education
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
 Prof. Anand Prakash Department of Psychology
University of Delhi
Prof. N. K. Chadha Dean, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Chairperson, Research and Doctoral Program, Manav Rachna International University
Former Professor and Head, Department of Psychology
University of Delhi, Delhi,
 Prof. M. G. Husain Department of Psychology,
Jamia Millia Islamia
 Assoc. Prof.  Naved Iqbal Department of Psychology,
Jamia Millia Islamia
 Prof. Shamim F. Karim University of Dhaka
 Dr. Rupan Dhillon Guru Nanak Dev University
Dr. Tanvir Akhtar Head of Department Psychology/Director Counseling
Foundation University Islamabad
 Prof. Gandharva Joshi Department of Psychology
Saurashtra University
 Assoc. Prof. Sabina Sultana Department of Psychology
University of Rajshahi
 Dr. Sveta Berdibayeva Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
 Asst.  Prof.  Ramanujam Narayanan, MD Assistant Professor in Pharmacology
PSG Institute of Medical Sciences &
Research (PSG IMSR)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Kanu Priya Mohan Behavioral Science Research Institute
Srinakharinwirot University
 Assoc. Prof. Anamitra Basu School of Humanities
Social Sciences and Management
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

Becoming A Program Committee Member / Reviewer:

Interested in becoming a Program Committee member?

Please send email to addressing to The Organizing Committee expressing your intent to become a PC member and attach your updated CV

What are the roles of every Program Committee member?

Generally, the following are the roles of every committee member (please note these roles depend on the availability of your time):

  • Provide input/advice about the conference theme and topics.
  • Review papers and the number will depend on the availability of your schedule
  • Help to disseminate/circulate the call for papers announcements to your list of contacts (faculty, peers and research students).

Benefits of being a TPC

  • Enhance your knowledge in you field of expertise through latest research and updates submitted
  • To increase your exposure in the academic field as an expert to the related fields
  • Access to latest research and findings in your field of expertise
  • Add into your credentials to help you in your career advancement
  • You may potentially be invited as Keynote Speaker
  • To avail concession on the registration fee of attending the conference

Your details will be added in the list of Technical Program Committee. We also provide certificate / letter of appointment by request.

For more information, please visit: FAQ